Name Banduk Wala Game
Category Adventure
Size 52.7MB
Popularity 3594
Publisher PlayTrends
Score 6.0
Publish Date 14/07/2022
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Banduk Wala Game

Banduk Wala Game Game Introduction :

Banduk wala game FPS shooting are now set for new anti-terrorist games in which you have to shoot a large number of terrorists in your city. In the modern world of adventure games, such kinds of anti-terrorist activities of war games and non-stop action are very important. The same is the case in the present US spy commando shooting game which is the type of game you might like to clear this anti-terror battle by shooting almost all rival forces of sniper shooting games.

Dive into this designed action-packed fire shooting game to play your positive and constructive role by bringing a reality check to the stinging and cruel activities of all terrorists in the ongoing anti-terrorist game. You have all kinds of backups of post-modern weapons of commando survival offline games including machine guns, modern pistols, grenades, and other firearms of battleground games. Your commando is well trained and professional in its approach who can guide and control suck kinds of army shooting games.

You will love this offline action game if you like gun games and gun shooting games. This FPS game with stealth powers of sniper games missions will unlock your true skill to fight with the terrorist. You can get your enemies like one-man commando shooting games, however, it is recommended for you to take all guns with you on the secret missions as sniper shooting games. Unlock rifles and weapons like a sniper in offline games. Be handy with army games to control the commando and secret agent with a joystick. It is recommended for you to keep your gun loaded all the time when entering compounds of new shooting game missions. Shoot enemies and take control of the city with this game!

FPS shooting game offline

Make quick decisions after starting your offline shooting missions against all these crime doers of FPS shooting games and let them not run of this battle in action and adventure shooting game. Leave not any doubt in destroying all evil forces of sniper games and make a perfect presentation of your commando skills. Make all terrorists feel terror after watching your presence by making a practical show of all your powers of sniper shooting games.

FPS Anti Terrorist Modern Shooter: Shooting Games features:

· Large number of inspiring levels of sniper gun shooter missions

· Each level with a challenging mission

· Easy, smooth and sharp controls

· Flexible game commands for player

· Different weapons and assault rifles

· HD and colorful graphics

· Open-ended customization for player

Don’t wait anymore as you have all in the very compact form of shooting games in front of your eyes which takes you into the depths of first-person shooting through the anti-terrorist games. You can even play without the internet or wifi as an offline game. Bring out yourself as a dashing and professional contester of commando survival game to show your hate great hate for terrorists.


Banduk Wala Game Game screenshot :

Banduk Wala Game
Banduk Wala Game
Banduk Wala Game
Banduk Wala Game
Banduk Wala Game
Banduk Wala Game

Banduk Wala Game (52.7MB)

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