Name Change your UR card (mod)
Category Casual
Size 66.9MB
Popularity 2603
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 03/12/2021
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Mod Info:

Change your UR card (mod) Do not watch ads to get rewards.

Change your UR card (mod) Game Introduction :

Change your ur card game is a very good fun card battle and challenge game, enjoy novel chaos and contests, start novel combat moments together, conduct better adventures, enjoy this process, and start peculiarities The duel and battle, enjoy the fun contest, and bring more cards, which is very interesting.

Change your ur card game features:
1. A great test will still appear. Collect the final rare cards and you will be able to receive the super luxurious gift.

2. Come and play at any time and maintain an optimal collection mode.

3. Collect with confidence, this is not difficult at all, it is easy to get your goal.

Change your ur card game introduction:
1. The fast-paced battle process, frantically attack the battlefield, and brand new enemies are waiting for you to challenge.

2. The invincible and cool competitive mode makes people feel the real excitement. Summon brothers to start together.

3. Continuous battle duel, many copies are completed, different content is unlocked, and action together;

Change your ur card gameplay:
1. If you like card games and puzzle solving, this is a particularly fun game;

2. Perfect card combination, interesting Roughlike elements plus interesting puzzle solving;

3. There is no separate Roughlike gameplay, and there is no strong repetitive playability.

Change your UR card (mod) Game screenshot :

Change your UR card (mod)

Change your UR card (mod)

Change your UR card (mod)

Change your UR card (mod)

Change your UR card (mod)

Change your UR card (mod) (66.9MB)

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