Name Chasing the deer fairy brigade
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Publish Date 22/07/2021
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Chasing the deer fairy brigade

Chasing the deer fairy brigade Game Introduction :

It is often said in Xiuxian novels that I came from the mortal world to find longevity. I have gone through tens of thousands of calamities and finally survived the heavenly calamity. I was able to board Sendai and rank among the immortals. One flower, one world, one leaf, one Tathagata, with the help of code and art, we can see life in a small world, and we realize the dream of cultivating immortals in the ninth art.

This is a freehand landscape [New Country Style Cultivation Mobile Game]. In the game, the cultivator can practice, refining, alchemy, planting herbs, killing monsters, learning the magical powers of the five elements, and matching magic weapons by themselves. There are many ways to play.
We have combined [new national style, immortal theme, placement and hang-up, strategy collocation, leisure cultivation, immortal battle, crossing the catastrophe to become immortal] and other interesting immortal cultivation novels or common routines in the game in an appropriate way. The unique gameplay and the recombination of the painting style realize how the process of cultivating immortality in our imagination should be mapped into the game.

The following are the game features:

UI interface
1. [Freehand Landscape Wonderland, New Guofeng Art Style]
Not to be outstanding, but to be unique. I am tired of ink and fairy style. This is the most suitable style of cultivation in our imagination. It is pure and elegant.

On-hook interface
2. [Hearing fairy words in the world, call me back to heaven-place to cultivate immortals and cross a realm with a dream]
The world is too busy, so you don’t have to stare at the game all the time, hang up, you can also collect the essence of the sun and the moon offline, and one day you can climb into the immortal world.

3. Supernatural power interface
[Knowing the magic of the nine states, knowing the magical powers of the six worlds-five elements spells, sitting and watching all things grow together]
The magical powers of the immortal cultivator in the re-engraved novel, the five element spell attributes restrain each other, and choose to practice.

4. Magic interface
[Treading Clouds Boots Wearing Feather Clothes, Holding Divine Soldiers to Set the Universe-Thousands of Magic Weapons, All in the Room of Slaying Demons and Eliminating Demons]
On the way to restore the immortal, collect a piece of equipment to help you upgrade your realm.

5. Combat and strategy matching interface
[Wind, fire, thunder, rain, gold, wood, water, fire and earth-strategy match, practice and practice techniques to fight the sky]
Countless exercise secrets and magical powers can be freely matched, and the road to immortality cultivation is invincible.

6. Dongfu interface
[Refining the elixir of herbs, forging swords, guns and swords-a variety of cultivation, the world\’s best fortune and immortality]
A long journey to cultivating immortals, cultivating treasures, feeding spirit beasts, planting herbs, refining golden cores, gathering spirits sitting in array…Buddha system is cultivated on the hook, and there is always harvest.

7, martial art interface
[Start a school to build a fairy gate, fight against the magic and cast the skills to compete for high and low-the interaction between the sects, the cups and the swords are hidden in the exchanges]
There are many sects in the world of cultivating immortals. As long as they have the heart to become immortals, they can recruit their disciples, participate in sect fights, compete for resources, and step into the immortal world together.

Chasing the deer fairy brigade Game screenshot :

Chasing the deer fairy brigade

Chasing the deer fairy brigade

Chasing the deer fairy brigade

Chasing the deer fairy brigade

Chasing the deer fairy brigade

Chasing the deer fairy brigade

Chasing the deer fairy brigade (87.4MB)

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