Category Simulation
Size 104.1MB
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Publisher Tap Pocket.
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/07/2022
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Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited Resources

DRAGON VILLAGE Game Introduction :


DRAGON VILLAGE – An economic strategy mixed with the concepts of urban simulator and elements of role development. At the center of the story is a village of time, where colorful, unusual and almost omnipotent dragons have been born for over a hundred years now. But recently, the village of DRAGON VILLAGE has suffered an unexpected decline. The fast depletion of resources, attack by unknown opponents, loss of magical powers – the time has come to start the story from scratch! It is time to brace yourself with a magic wand, move into a new universe, and, without hacking, cheating, and extra money, turn a ready corner into heaven!

What\’s the Specialty of Dragon Village Mod Apk

Creating a world of powerful dragons. Play \”Dragon Village\” to raise, feed, and breed your own cute, friendly, adorable dragons

Breathe life into dragons and prepare them for competitive battles. Build your own land, mark them with different names, assign villagers to work, you have your pet dragons, and fight with different dragons. You can also cross dragons to get new and exciting rare dragons. Now you can take care of your dragon anywhere, anytime. Play this free game on your Android phone, tablet, and iOS devices.

Build a World of Powerful Dragons Mod Apk

Dragon Village is also one of the successful names when using images of this powerful animal. Tap Pocket has received over 5 million downloads from this game only on Google Play. It seems that \”Dragon Village\” works very smoothly and gives you extremely professional images. Because it is a professional game maker that creates content specifically related to dragon types and mystical creatures in general. They own more than 30 games on the subject, not to play some games. Indeed, after so many practice sessions, they have reached a very professional level while creating this style. They are extremely diverse in terms of content and image design. If you are still interested in dragons, just visit the Tap Pocket Game Store that you can enjoy comfortably.

Stunning 3D Graphics

In addition to raising dragons, you have to worry about creating descendants for them. With the creativity and variety of dragons included in the game, you can independently coordinate a pair of dragons to create a new egg. This egg will produce a baby dragon with a coordinated nature between its parents. The more qualities you add, the more rare and valuable species of dragon become. In short, the elements only regulate the type of dragon, and the special power they possess is a poor rate. With many similar properties, it is still possible to create many different strengths. Therefore, to obtain powerful dragons for the future you have to experiment many times. Once the dragons have begun to grow slightly, they will begin to develop and change their presence and power from the level. The higher the dragon\’s level, the greater and greater the power. At some point, the dragons will be ready for matches. Bring them to the Arena and win prizes worthy of expanding your world along with splendor for yourself

Battle Your Dragons Mod Apk

In addition to raising their dragons, they can also be used for battles against others. When you are in the process of training your husky pets, you can send them to fight random enemies. Here, the game runs on a passive type of gameplay style. Your dragons will fight for you and attack which option they are suitable for.

Pro Tips -:

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DRAGON VILLAGE Game screenshot :

DRAGON VILLAGE(Unlimited Gold) screenshot image 1
DRAGON VILLAGE(Unlimited Gold) screenshot image 2
DRAGON VILLAGE(Unlimited Gold) screenshot image 3


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