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ENZYM Game Introduction :

ENZYM is a Social Interactions Booster embedded in the real world. It allows you to meet players spontaneously, chat with them and quickly earn gift coupons from our partners.

ENZYM can be part of events and allows all participants to meet instantly and forge friendships in a fun way.

The app can also be used anywhere and anytime in real life!

Meet people around you instantly.

For now, only one type of mission is proposed: meeting people in your area. If you click on the \”Lightning\” icon, Enzym will propose you to look for a certain person around you. If you accept, you will have 10 minutes to find that person and scan the QR-code that will appear on its smartphone.

Make friends that you have met.

You can ask someone as a friend after you have scanned its QR-code from its smartphone. If it accepts, you can chat as much as you want without it costing you ZYMs. You can also delete a friend or alert on questionable behavior at any time.
Earn gifts.

The more you scan !
The more you meet !
The more you win !

By scanning the QR-code on your friends\’ smartphones, you will fill the \”Pint\” icon in the top left corner. Each time the pint fills up completely, you will receive a 3 Euro gift coupon valid at one of our partners near you.
If there is not close to you, contact us: [email protected]

Register quickly.

It\’s very easy, write your email in the field and receive a validation code to go to the next step.

Add a picture of yourself.

Enzym is an instant game. It is important to add a picture of yourself so that other players can recognize you. Add a nice nickname and a short sentence to describe yourself.
Earn ZYMs.
ZYMs are the fuel of the app. They will allow you to have access to some functions of the application.

Chat with players around you.

On the map, you can view the users located in your zone. By clicking on their picture you will have access to the chat and their short description. The color of the halo around the picture will tell you if that person is a friend (purple halo) or not (white halo).
You will be able to zoom in and out with the usual fingers’ movements and spot purple zones where Enzym app users are connected.
If by zooming out the map you spot purple dots, these are players who are not in your action zone. As soon as they are in your zone, you will see their picture and finally be able to chat and have a mission with them.

Ghost mode allows you to be invisible to other players.
At any time, you can choose to be invisible from other players on the map by going to your profile then setting.

\”Enzymes have the mission of accelerating chemical reactions millions of times in living organisms\”

You want to become an ENZYM Ambassador or Partner? Contact us here: [email protected]

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ENZYM (17.6MB)

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