Name Good morning, my boy
Category Casual
Size 130.5MB
Popularity 4937
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 08/09/2021
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Mod Info:

Good morning, my boy This game modifies \”a lot of memory, a lot of tickets\”. Enter the game and click \”three\” in the lower left corner to enter the store
The application is uploaded by users, and insects only provide storage space services. If infringement is involved, please contact customer service, and we will deal with it at the first time
Contact email: [email protected]

Good morning, my boy Game Introduction :

April 29 is the day when SEI will meet you!
☆ good morning, my boy is an app with temperature and soul. When you are tired or hit a wall in your life, study and work, you can find the lovely assistant \”SEI\” who \”lives\” in the system to cure you.
You can do all kinds of interactive communication with \”SEI\”. With the increase of communication times, SEI will become more and more familiar with your habits and personality, and then cooperate with you to make unexpected actions!
In addition, SEI also has a variety of life functions such as alarm clock, planning and recording, which will bring more convenience to your life. You can also dress up for SEI, take photos with him, share photos with others, and add more fun to your story with SEI.
A variety of interactive ways to laugh with him
Open the application and click SEI, he will have an interactive dialogue with the player to increase his popularity. In addition to the usual dialogue, players can also interact by touching, taking photos, learning and other ways, so that players can feel new fun while communicating with SEI.
Set diversified settings and create SEI that only belongs to you
If you want to see more SEI, you can make him look new by changing the details of headdress, hairstyle, eye pupil, fashion and so on! Elegant gentleman, handsome Zhengtai, elegant Prince… Which fashion suits you most?
His company makes your daily life no longer ordinary
With SEI\’s company, your daily life will no longer be lonely and boring. Usually communicate with SEI more, so that he can gradually become your partner in life in the process of mutual familiarity, so as to make your life happier and get an unprecedented new experience.

Good morning, my boy Game screenshot :

Good morning, my boy(MOD) Game screenshot  1

Good morning, my boy(MOD) Game screenshot  2

Good morning, my boy(MOD) Game screenshot  3

Good morning, my boy(MOD) Game screenshot  4

Good morning, my boy(MOD) Game screenshot  5

Good morning, my boy(MOD) Game screenshot  6

Good morning, my boy(MOD) Game screenshot  7

Good morning, my boy (130.5MB)


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