Name High Seas Farkle
Category Board
Size 25.6MB
Popularity 4126
Publisher Nickel Buddy, LLC
Score 6.0
Publish Date 25/07/2022
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High Seas Farkle

High Seas Farkle Game Introduction :

Farkle is a dice game of luck and skill. There are many variations and names (Farkel, 10000, and Hot Dice, among others). Played with six dice, the goal is to reach 10000 points before your opponent. The game is a lot of fun, and this unique take on a classic game has been loaded with tons of extra features.

To play Farkle, six dice are initially rolled. Certain combinations are worth points. Bank those points and end your turn, or set those dice aside and keep rolling for more points. But if you Farkle (ie no dice worth points are rolled) you lose the points from your turn. Do you play it safe for slow and steady progress to a win, or risk big to roll big?

High Seas Farkle dice game pits you in duels against a cast of characters on your boat. Each opponent has their own unique risk tolerance and strategy. Power your boat by winning duels. You can also play a multiplayer game against someone next to you with Pass n Play. And as a bonus, hop in to the Farkle Arcade where you get 10 turns to try for a high score. Higher scores win you better prizes!

Roll the dice, sail between islands, trade goods, earn gems, and collect dice sets as you play this classic dice game!

High Seas Farkle Game screenshot :

High Seas Farkle (dice game)
High Seas Farkle (dice game)
High Seas Farkle (dice game)

High Seas Farkle (25.6MB)

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