Name Live power football
Category Sports
Size 101.4MB
Popularity 3650
Publisher Boltrend Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 27/07/2021
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Live power football

Live power football Game Introduction :

Game features

1) The cultivation mode with rich plot and various playing methods

The current cultivation mode includes three colleges and 12 chapters of massive plot content, including main plot and event plot. The characters have their own characteristics and are fresh and full. In addition to the main [practice] playing methods, different colleges have different characteristic playing methods, such as training equipment, volunteer service, etc. And the romance of dating a lover.

2) On field operation tailored for touch screen and 3D game picture with exquisite details

The game scene of live power football is a 3D three-dimensional scene, with a player AI with high fidelity. The role moves naturally and smoothly. The football trajectory is generated by the physical system of the illusory engine, which is authentic and highly expressive. During the game, players can simply use their fingers to control players to carry out various operations from passing and receiving the ball to shooting and saving, with a full sense of achievement.

3) Well designed team management and player training system

As a football game of simulated management, \”live power football\” has a detailed, branch and perfect team management and player training system. From the adjustment of the team\’s starting lineup to the editing of tactical formation, to the cultivation of players\’ basic attributes, level promotion and breakthrough, and skill unlocking; Through the intuitive user interface, players can fully experience the pleasure of a football manager.

Live power football Game screenshot :

Live power football

Live power football

Live power football

Live power football

Live power football

Live power football (101.4MB)

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