Name MaliMaliHome Macau
Category House & Home
Size 41.4MB
Popularity 5910
Publisher Cube Technology LTD
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/05/2022
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MaliMaliHome Macau

MaliMaliHome Macau Game Introduction :

MaliMaliHome APP is Macau’s first mobile property search engine which provides more convenient means of searching properties for buyers, sellers and agents.

Using MaliMaliHome APP, you can:
1.Search a large number of on sell/ on rent properties and communicate with the realtors in real-time text or voice;
2.Search a large number of properties information at any time, including their floor plans and photos;
3.Read a lot of information such as the latest real estate news, buying information, renovation cases, real estate shopping guides, etc.;
4.Query monthly transaction data, visually displayed in the form of charts, and compare them by region or month. In addition, you can view the trend chart of transaction amount and volume to help you understand the latest market trends;
5.List your property to realtors if you are the owner, taking pictures with your mobile phone which is convenient and quick;
6.Submission of solicitation: If you need to buy or rent a property, you can now easily submit solicitation through MaliMaliHome APP, there are a large number of real estate agencies to help you find suitable real estate;
7.Share the second-hand properties, new properties, information, transaction data, etc. that you want to recommend to friends by WeChat and Facebook easily;
8.More features to help you invest in real estate and understand market conditions

MaliMaliHome, wise choice

MaliMaliHome Macau Game screenshot :

MaliMaliHome Macau Game screenshot  1

MaliMaliHome Macau Game screenshot  2

MaliMaliHome Macau Game screenshot  3

MaliMaliHome Macau Game screenshot  4

MaliMaliHome Macau Game screenshot  5

MaliMaliHome Macau Game screenshot  6

MaliMaliHome Macau Game screenshot  7

MaliMaliHome Macau Game screenshot  8

MaliMaliHome Macau (41.4MB)

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