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Publish Date 28/06/2022
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Mod Info:

mr spectra

mr spectra Game Introduction :

mr spectra is an fft based audio spectrum analyzer with built-in weighting filters (A-weighting for human hearing, C-weighting for machine sounds and Z-weighting with no filter).

Enjoy mr spectra with your music as a musical mood light.

Quick tips:

* Go to settings and add a decibel, wave or spectrogram scope.

* Swipe screen to zoom in or out on frequency and amplitude scales.

* Display or hide the X and Y axes. Show or hide the dB and Max dB values.

* Reset Max dB.

* Move the dB and Max dB values anywhere on the screen by dragging.

* Pause/ Play the running spectrum.

* Hide menu and play/pause buttons.

* Change spectrum color scheme from the app menu.

Display Settings:

* Select color scheme.

* Solid bars or line graphs.

* Landscape mode to mirror screen on to your TV.

* Show/ hide axes.

Scope Settings:

* Decibel Scope.

* Sound Wave Scope.

* Spectrogram.

Decibel Settings:

* Use A-Weighting, C-Weighting or Z-Weighting filters (dBA, dBC, dBZ).

* Show decibel and Max dB values.

* Set zero dB level.

FFT Options:

* Use Hann or rectangular windowing.

Technical Details:

* Input source: device mic.

* Sound captured: 16-bit PCM mono.

* Sampling rate: 44.1 kHz.

* Audio amplitude range: 1 to 32767.

* FFT latency: 23 ms.

* Decibel calculations: based on rms amplitude, relative to a base level of 1 rms. The base level can be adjusted by user to calibrate dB levels.

mr spectra Game screenshot :

mr spectra
mr spectra
mr spectra
mr spectra
mr spectra
mr spectra
mr spectra
mr spectra

mr spectra (1.9MB)

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