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MyTeam – football analysis

MyTeam – football analysis Game Introduction :

Will your favourite team be the champions?
Will they avoid relegation?
How many points do they need to secure their objective?

MyTeam is the football scores app that analyses your favourite team’s objectives in the league.
Due to its strong Artificial Intelligence algorithms, MyTeam can reach where intuition can’t, and it analyses the league table in depth.
Points, goal difference, remaining matches, your team and its rivals’ conditions… More than 10^400 possible combinations, a huge number, all of them processed by our systems to give you accurate results, easy to understand.


Choose whatever objectives you want for your team: being champions, going to the Champions League or Europa League, promotion, playoffs or avoiding relegation. The app will tell you in real time, after each game, the proximity to your team’s objectives.

In additon to the proximity to the objective, you will also know:

* How many estimated points are left, with optimistic and pessimistic approaches.

* How many points are needed to secure an objective. You will know the exact moment when the objectives are achieved.

* The status of every objective of your team. The app will show you whether they depend on themselves or on others and, of course, when the objective is secured or, on the contrary, is impossible to reach.


We present you a League Table that is somehow different from the standar one. Instead of looking at the traditional table for hours, trying to do mental calculations, MyTeam offers a fresh Table, already sorted by proximity to the objective.
Our table shows you the final result of our computations so you can directly know whether your team is closer to the objective than their rivals or further away from it. Although you could still look at the standar League Table in other apps or media, you will no longer need to read it in order to do the math.

MyTeam also offers other interesting features, for example:

* Analysis of points that your team’s rivals need to reach their objectives.

* Graphs with the evolution of all teams along the season.

* The influence of each played game to your team’s objectives.

* If you have a second favourite team or you want to follow your team’s arch-rivals closely, you could also see them with the same level of detail.

Everything is presented in a straighforward fashion, with a sophisticated and nice design, so you can share with MyTeam the emotion of the championship.

Good luck to your favourite team!

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In the 2020-2021 season, you can follow these leagues:

* LaLiga
* LaLiga (second division)
(other leagues soon)

MyTeam – football analysis Game screenshot :

MyTeam - football analysis

MyTeam - football analysis

MyTeam - football analysis

MyTeam - football analysis

MyTeam - football analysis

MyTeam - football analysis

MyTeam - football analysis

MyTeam - football analysis

MyTeam – football analysis (22.1MB)

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