Name Pocket Space Program
Category Casual
Size 91.0MB
Popularity 5313
Publisher OWL7seven
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/09/2021
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Mod Info:

Pocket Space Program A large number of diamonds

Pocket Space Program Game Introduction :

This game is currently being developed by 1 individual.

This game is in a early release and may or may not contain game break bugs. However internal testing will be done before being released to beta. But some bugs might still be undetected until players report them.

This game is updated regularly. And any bugs will be worked on with the help of players through discord. Everything in-game is free. If you like the game and are willing to help and give some feedback there is a discord button in the settings menu of the game.

Discord :

What would you do if you owned your own space program?

*Astronaut and cargo management,

*Base power and life-support management

*Researching and building of space ships,

*Mining on worlds,

*Refining resources to sell and build items,

*Selling resources for Earth currency.

– Based on real orbital psychics and ship propulsion

Features I\’d like to add

– Storyline

– Addition rockets, space ships etc.

– Space stations

– Competition

– Competition to trade with

– Other galaxies

– Idle trade routes and production

– Online trade with other players (With enough support from players)

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Pocket Space Program Game screenshot :

Pocket Space Program

Pocket Space Program

Pocket Space Program

Pocket Space Program

Pocket Space Program

Pocket Space Program (91.0MB)

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