Name Read a fairy(mod)
Category Casual
Size 47.3MB
Popularity 2612
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 21/10/2021
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Mod Info:

Read a fairy(mod) Live: enter the game to appear \”discover new version\” click \”next time\” to normal game.

No ads to get rewards, lots of currency.

Read a fairy(mod) Game Introduction :

Life decades, who can break the fate.

This is a hang – up really duanjing xiu Xian game. It\’s very, very, very hard to rob!!

In the face of all kinds of difficulties and dangers, break the routine, break through the number of life, against heaven to change life, will eventually become immortal emperor.

1. Real hang up, online pass hang up, offline also hang up. Resources are being acquired all the time.

2. Cross the time? It\’s no longer about watching a lightning strike animation and the success rate.

It\’s really hard to do it here!! (Again)

It was a contest of wits and luck.

3. An alchemy? Smelting body? Refining device? Some will have, there should be no later.

4. Make your own magic? It\’s already being arranged. It will come when it comes.

Stay tuned for more gameplay.

Read a fairy(mod) Game screenshot :

Read a fairy(mod)

Read a fairy(mod)

Read a fairy(mod)

Read a fairy(mod)

Read a fairy(mod)

Read a fairy(mod) (47.3MB)

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