Name Shenjiao skill (test suit)
Category Role Playing
Size 542.7MB
Popularity 2405
Publisher Tencent Games
Score 6.0
Publish Date 03/11/2021
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Mod Info:

Shenjiao skill (test suit) Sandbox Adventure + open world mobile game \”Shenjiao skills\” has started the limited deletion charging test at 10 a.m. on June 17. You can get the test qualification by downloading and registering first, first come first served!

Test end time: July 15, the specific time to be determined

———Test qualification acquisition———

This test is limited delete file billing test, download and register first to get test qualification, quota is limited, first come first served!

Shenjiao skill (test suit) Game Introduction :

Dear creators, welcome to this incredible sandbox world:

\”Shenjiao skills\” has been working hard to create a rich sandbox world, and also invited the famous Japanese Light novelists kamakchi and Ma to create stories. For players to create a full scene destruction and construction, box court style world exploration, everything for my use cooking to create survival, UGC creation and business development and other elements of the integration of multiplayer sandbox experience waiting for you!

Game features:

[free collection and destruction]

Everything can be collected: gems, copper, wood, flowers, tomatoes, eggs, sand, soil… Everything can be used as it should be;

(Shenjiao skill is also known as \”demolition skill\”)

[multi person exploration of the big world box court]

There are various puzzles, challenges and hidden treasure boxes in the game (roof, well bottom, animal hole, decryption, riddle guessing, parkour, blind area of view, true and false treasure…).

(Shenjiao skill is also known as \”treasure chest skill\”)

[the most sandbox level experience]

Poisonous water, poisonous fog, poisonous mushroom, magma, thunder cleavage, drowning, falling… There are 1001 death methods in Shenjiao;

On how to be a despicable brave man and let the devil die!

[create your home freely]

Free to build a stronghold, free to create their own checkpoints, guard and build your home!

[hot blooded adventure, diverse heroes]

Manually create your own super giant mechanism, huge gods and demons, hot-blooded adventure, rich characteristic heroes waiting for you!

Survival competition

Fair sandbox survival season play, cooperation, mutual pit, cooperation competition, Sao operation layer out constantly, restrict your strength can only be imagination!

Shenjiao skill (test suit) Game screenshot :

Shenjiao skill (test suit)

Shenjiao skill (test suit)

Shenjiao skill (test suit)

Shenjiao skill (test suit)

Shenjiao skill (test suit)

Shenjiao skill (test suit) (542.7MB)

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