Name Tiny Planet Blast
Category Action
Size 59.5MB
Popularity 1989
Publisher UBoxStudio
Score 6.0
Publish Date 22/11/2021
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Mod Info:

Tiny Planet Blast

Tiny Planet Blast Game Introduction :

Mankind\’s exploration of space has never stopped, and it only took a few decades to fly from the ground to space. After entering space, more and more planets are found to have sufficient resources. In order to obtain resources from other planets, we need to send spacecraft to attack and obtain planet resources from them.

Tap the artillery to launch cannonballs. The cannonballs bomb the planet. The cannonballs can add skills or props to the artillery. Skills and props can increase the speed and power of the cannonballs. The powerful artillery fires continuously until the planet is destroyed and the planet resources are obtained.

>The game is simple and fun, just take it and play it, it\’s a must-have for leisure.

>Super cool game screen, all functions are clear at a glance.

>Various types of attack weapons, unlimited firepower, feel the power of props.

>The more powerful the attack, the more rewards, and all resources are in your hands.

>The shapes of the planets are different, allowing you to experience more different space planets.

>Tiny Planet Blast invites you to get more space resources.

Tiny Planet Blast Game screenshot :

Tiny Planet Blast Game screenshot  1

Tiny Planet Blast Game screenshot  2

Tiny Planet Blast Game screenshot  3

Tiny Planet Blast Game screenshot  4

Tiny Planet Blast Game screenshot  5

Tiny Planet Blast (59.5MB)

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