Name Zombie continent
Category Arcade
Size 73.8MB
Popularity 1819
Publisher WHWL
Score 6.0
Publish Date 03/09/2021
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Mod Info:

Zombie continent The end of the survival farming game \”zombie continent\” has been opened at 10 o \’clock in the morning on September 3, delete file test, welcome to download experience!
Test time: the end of September 12 midnight.

Zombie continent Game Introduction :

. The world is occupied by zombies! Fortunately, we found a safe farm as our base.

2. In this quiet and fertile farm, there are more than a dozen crops to grow. In addition to selling gold coins, the crops can also be processed into various delicacies and props for the residents of the farm.

3. When you have enough gold coins, you can recruit more survivors to join our base. Among them, there are strong athletes, simple workers, hardworking doctors, homeless old people and children, and all kinds of displaced animals. More than ten kinds of individual survivors are available for players to recruit, and more survivors are on their way.

4. With the upgrading of the base level, players can also unlock superheroes with stronger combat effectiveness, free and easy Western cowboys, galloping Harley crossbow, roaring fire chariots… More than ten kinds of superheroes will join our base one after another.

5. The base is not personalized enough? Try decorative buildings. There are dozens of decorative materials to choose from. In addition to making the base full of personality, some decorative buildings have special properties.

6. Is self-development too boring? Visit other players\’ bases and get daily rewards from other players\’ bases. 7. Is it too monotonous to fight monsters? Take your survivors and heroes to PK with other players. If you win, you can get each other\’s resources! If you lose…, improve your combat effectiveness and prepare for the other party\’s revenge.

Zombie continent Game screenshot :

Zombie continent Game screenshot  1

Zombie continent Game screenshot  2

Zombie continent Game screenshot  3

Zombie continent Game screenshot  4

Zombie continent Game screenshot  5

Zombie continent Game screenshot  6

Zombie continent (73.8MB)


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